Our Vineyards

Since quality wines begin on the vine, Sirromet attributes the flavour and quality of our wines to the exceptional fruit grown in our three Granite Belt vineyards. Sirromet’s vineyards are located in the high country of Queensland’s renowned Granite Belt wine region.

Located at latitude of 28.6556°S and longitude 151.9325°E, approximately three hours’ drive south west of Brisbane, the Granite Belt, was formed by an ancient tectonic uplift that forced a significant granite mass 820m above sea level.

Over time, softer rocks and soils have eroded, leaving a clearly identifiable granite plateau. Due to its elevation, this plateau experiences some of Australia’s coldest winters. The sub-zero temperatures cause water that has been absorbed in exposed granite boulders and rocks to freeze and expand, forcing mineral particles into the soil. This annual soil enrichment allows local vineyards and orchards to grow the highest quality produce with unique, rich flavours.  With 100 hectares under vine Sirromet is the most awarded Granite Belt producer. 

Winter at the Granite Belt

During winter months we see very cold temperatures, it can get down to -11 degrees Celsius. The vineyards sit at an elevation of 760m to 860m above sea level. During the winter months we prune the vines to prepare them for the new growing season.
Pruning is done each year to remove the old wood and create new fresh wood for new buds to burst upon.

Spring at the Granite Belt

During spring budburst occurs across the vineyard. Pale green buds appear on the pruned vines, followed by unfurling leaves and later, flowering and fruit-set. The first vines to bud are Verdelho and Chardonnay which are located on our on our Night Sky Vineyard.

Our Vineyard team are busy at this time checking on the new buds and making sure the vines are ready for the season ahead.